Choosing to be in business

Entrepreneurship is the in-thing now. Sons and daughters of businessmen have the edge though, as they have been born into their parents’ business and have had close encounter with running their family enterprise, while their parents have been made busy with the affairs of the business, wherein sometimes they are made to help.

For the one who has not been born with a family enterprise, it is more clever for a new graduate however, if he wants to go to business, to learn first about the trade by joining the staff of a company to have a hands-on knowledge, and to have a personal and closer observation of how a chosen business is being managed and actually being run. All of these experiences will then be a useful tool for him when he will be on his own.
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23. July 2014 by carmel
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4 Ways to Prepare for a Business Conference

Business conferences are a great way to network with other like-minded individuals in your industry. If this is your first time participating, however, you may be intimidated by all there is to see and do. How should you prepare for a brave new world of professional expos? Here are four ideas.

1. Choose Your Events Carefully

There’s no way you’ll be able to attend every single class, lecture, workshop, demonstration, exhibition and training course. Instead of trying to cram as much into your schedule as possible, sign up only for the events that matter to you. Continue Reading →

23. April 2014 by carmel
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The high-tech boutique

Dresses ever since I remember have been sewn by dressmakers, who could be a friendly neighbor, or an elder relative or any lady with a talent of sewing. The usual “weapons” (if she were a soldier!) she would have would be a trusty sewing machine, a pair of scissors, some spools of thread, but most of all, she couldn’t live as a dressmaker without a catalog with which the ladies or her customers (“clients” for the high society) would look which style of an attire she chooses.
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27. March 2014 by RPG
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Enthusiastic singer

Last Sunday, we had a mini gathering here at home. We started out with a community prayer with just five of us, then a simple dinner followed. Afterwards, the fun began. One of our guests, an elderly lady, gamely sang along to some songs via the videoke machine despite not knowing the tune. I admired her guts for being an enthusiastic singer, not minding if she can’t keep up with the melody and timing.
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19. March 2014 by carmel
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Music loving family

Though both my parents are music lovers, my dad is the one who knows how to play the guitar, and even while away his time with the organ. My mom never had the chance to materialize her wish, when she was still small, to learn how to play the piano.

For us, the children, at least we know how to play the guitar. The trick that did this was the exposure we got. Just having a guitar at home has motivated us to learn how to play the instrument. Then later, as we grew up, especially when we were already in College, we were bought one guitar each.
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13. March 2014 by carmel
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Our internet café experience

Before, we were into the internet business. We had an internet café that most often catered to students, especially as our location was just a few meters away from two big educational institutions, and along a major highway at that.

It could not be avoided that almost all services related to schooling that used the cyberspace would reach our modest enterprise. This included researches of students, encoding/printing of reports, assignments, or whatever are the likes of these. Continue Reading →

13. March 2014 by RPG
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The joy of having a guitar

One inclined to music usually owns a guitar first. It may be a simple and less expensive one, but own a guitar he must, or at least, dream of owning one he does. This is so, as a guitar is one musical instrument that is easily learned, and also because it is relatively handy and lightweight compared to other instruments, it is easily carried around.
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01. March 2014 by RPG
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High-tech microphones

As high-technology goes deeper into its researches to produce products which are innovative, faster, safer and more convenient for users, the musical instruments and gadgets are not left behind. We can now avail of paraphernalia, accessories, and whatever related to music, which are also high-tech.

Take the microphone. Before we have known only a single kind, one which can transmit sounds to the listeners loudly and more clearly, that’s all. Continue Reading →

05. February 2014 by RPG
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Waitstaff aprons come in various styles

If you own a restaurant, you know that aprons are essential for your waitstaff, kitchen staff and chefs. It is possible to buy wholesale and still choose from a large variety of styles and colors to find the perfect aprons for your employees to keep them looking professional. You will find a selection of 15 different colors to suit your theme. You can also have a custom apron modified from one in the regular inventory or have one manufactured if, for example, you need a unique tuxedo apron to cater black tie affairs.
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30. January 2014 by carmel
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Music loud and noisy

When there are celebrations, music is an important consideration. For how can the affair be lively and bubbly if there’s no music? Especially if it’s an event of the youth, expect that it would be a bedlam, with music which is more of a noise than a tune!

Usually, it would be a night-long event with singing and dancing. Fiesta celebrations have this kind of a highlight in their nightly programs. Continue Reading →

29. January 2014 by RPG
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